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The Art Of The Perfect Croissant

If you’ve ever enjoyed flakey, buttery layers in a well-made croissant, chances are you’ve longed for the tender pastry ever since. I remember childhood vacations to my mother’s homeland of Barcelona, Spain. Each morning, while we soundly slept in our beds, my aunt would tiptoe from her city apartment and buy croissants from the baker across the street. We’d wake to the smell of her espresso and the warmth of her smile. I’ve thought about those croissants for a long time. My yearning was at last quenched this May when Judy Capertina opened Haole Girl Island Sweets... Read More

‘Haole girl ’ makes mark

PUHI — Oven lag made Judy Capertina miss “the 100-person rush” at the Kauai Community Market on Saturday.

But Capertina and crew still arrived in time to capture a hungry lunch crowd with a variety of croissant offerings on day one of her business, “Haole Girl Island Sweets.”

“Today is our first day and we wanted to get a feel for how things are,” Capertina said. Read More


Haole Girl ~

As people find out I’m moving to Kauai, I hear all kinds of interesting things and one of them has been the term “Haole.”

Just last week, I was informed I would be considered a Haole girl when I move to Kauai in June.

I really hadn’t thought about it much... Read More


5 Wheels to 5 Star

Haole Girl Island Sweets- Haole Girl Island Sweets is best known for their stuffed all-butter croissants with sweet and savory local island products. If you really need convincing, check out the picture above of the bread pudding. No words needed. It is the perfect dessert to share! We asked for four forks and dug in to this amazingly unique bread pudding served warm. I must add that it goes well with Black Limo beer. Forget wine pairing, let’s beer pair. Read More

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